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For the first time ever we are offering a box pressed cigar, masterfully blended with 100% South American tobaccos up to 14 years old. Our Anniversary cigar is an extremely limited cigar that gets a unique blend each year, no two years are the same. We feature rare tobaccos with limited availability ensuring that our Anniversary blends are some of the rarest cigars available. This year we will only produce 200 cigars through the month of October. Each cigar is hand rolled from start to finish and each box is signed and numbered by Tomas Baldonado, Owner and Master Roller. Order yours today because this is a once in a lifetime cigar.

Available in packs of two presented in a sliding top coffin box. The 2022 Limited Edition Anniversary Blend, features flavors of fig, toffee, leather, earth and spice. This bold cigar is as unique as the tropical soils the tobaccos are derived from. Pair the Ultimo 4th Anniversary with a premium VSOP Cognac. 



Ultimo 4th Year Anniversary Torpedo (6.25x25) Box pressed

Fillers: Peru, Ecuador, Paraguay

Binder: Columbia

Wrapper: Brazil

Ultimo 2022 4th Anniversary (2 pack)


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