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This unique sampler includes 1-Dead Armadillo Double Ligero ,1-Deez Nuts Barber Pole and 1- Red Fork Reverance. The Craft Series from Ultimo is a series of cigars that are developed in partnership with local Tulsa, craft brewers and distillers to offer unique pairings with unique beers and spirits. Many people find it dificult to pair cigars with beer or spirits and this series is meant to take the guess work out of it! Pair the Dead Armadillo with amber beers or IPA's and pair Deez Nuts with Chocolate Peanut Butter Stouts or any Stout or Porter. Pair the Red Fork Reverance with Red Fork Distillery's Reverance Bourbon or most wheated bourbons. 


Dead Armadillo - Robusto Grande (5.5x48)

Deez Nuts - Toro Gordo (5.5x60)

Red Fork Reverance - Robusto (5x48)

Craft Series Sampler


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