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Ultimo has teamed up with Oklahoma Firefighters Burn Camp to bring you an awesome cigar for an awesome cause. This cigar offers flavors reminiscent of your favorite camp memories. With toasty notes and a creamy, slightly sweet finish you will pickup toasted marshemellow flavors with a woodsy undertone. Offered in a toro size, this is a perfect cigar for sitting next to a camp fire with a steamy cup of hot chocolate. 

50% of all sales of this cigar will directly benefit the camp and scholorship efforts for childrend who otherwise cannot participate in the camp. (Due to the fundraising efforts, there are no price breaks or discounts on this cigar)


The Oklahoma Firefighters Burn Camp is a summer camp provided free of charge for children from 6-16 that have suffered major burns or disfiguring injuries at any point in their lives requiring hospitalization.

Burn Camp offers a chance for child burn survivors to make new and life-long friends with other burn survivors, in a setting of love, support, and unconditional acceptance. Adult burn survivors donate their time to show these children that their scars do not limit their ability to succeed in life and to help others.

Visit for more info.


OK FF Burn Camp Toro (48x6")

Fillers: Nicaragua

Binder: Cameroon

Wrapper: Ecuador Habano

Oklahoma Burn Camp


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